Actually, there was one (sort of) major change during Windows 95's run: If you installed Internet Explorer 4, you could also install the Desktop Update, which added drag-and-drop to the Start Menu, allowing you to simply drag Start Menu shortcuts around to arrange things the way you liked. » 9/30/14 6:07pm Tuesday 6:07pm

Technically, you don't have to right-click; for years, I've been using the Control Menu (ALT+Space or click the top left icon) to navigate to the Edit menu. And it's not just "paste a directory" - you can paste anything text into the Command Window (or Terminal Window, if you're using an SSH terminal). » 9/30/14 1:26pm Tuesday 1:26pm

Why should s/he have to? Wireless phones that can fit in your pocket were science fiction 50 years ago. Now you can have a pocket-sized computer that can call anywhere on the planet for a few hundred dollars, perhaps less (I paid $99.99 for my cellphone, brand new). » 9/30/14 10:59am Tuesday 10:59am