MAME (or MAME32FX) lets you play lots of the older games at home (pretty much anything that doesn't use 3D, and a few of those as well), as long as you legally own the rights to the ROM files. Once in a great while I'll crank up Spy Hunter for a bit of nostalgia. » 9/02/14 6:35pm Today 6:35pm

They kept creating, and tolerating, The One so that any resistance would automatically flock to The One, keeping the resistance in plain sight and under control. By doing this, they made sure they could destroy it, over and over again, while it was too small to be a real threat; without The One, they'd have no idea of… » 9/02/14 2:48pm Today 2:48pm

The Kree did experiments thousands of years ago (not "millions") that led to the Inhumans, including the existence of the Terrigen Mists. The Celestials (Knowhere is the disembodied head of a Celestial, btw) did experiments millions of years ago on proto-human apes (think "2001") that led to the Eternals, the… » 9/02/14 1:11pm Today 1:11pm

That's because the "fake" flavoring is just the ester - real fruit has a complex chemical makeup, which just can't be simulated with just one chemical ester. As the article states, "Confirmation by gas chromatographic studies showed fewer compounds and less volatile components for the Gros Michel compared to the… » 9/02/14 12:33pm Today 12:33pm